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Yi-Shiang Huang, PhD

Yi-Shiang Huang, PhD

Senior Scientist, Beckman Coulter, Ireland

Date: 2022/03/26 

Time: 22:00 (CST), 15:00 (CET), 10:00 (EDT), 7:00 (PDT)


Technical Operation Scientist in IVD Manufacturing Site

  • IVD industry overview
  • Ireland biomedical industry landscape
  • Functions in a GMP manufacturing site


Group Discussion: 

  • What career paths may also fit you besides benchwork (R&D)
  • How will you stay in the country where you need a visa

Andy Chang, PhD

Andy Chang, PhD

Regional Senior Director (APAC), IGENOMIX, Japan

Date: 2022/04/09 

Time: 21:00 (CST), 15:00 (CET), 9:00 (EDT), 6:00 (PDT)


How to develop your career as a business development specialist

  • Potential business development career paths
  • Key success factors for a career path
  • Career crossroads: career decision making
  • Values that help you through your career

Group discussion

  • Did you ever make a risky decision?  
  • How did you handle the conflict with your manager?
Kun-Po Li, PhD

Kun-Po Li, PhD

Manager of External Collaboration and Clinical Development, Immunwork, Taiwan

Date: 2022/04/23

Time: 21:00 (CST), 15:00 (CET), 9:00 (EDT), 6:00 (PDT)


Junior-level R&D opportunities in the US and Taiwan 

  • Opportunities in mature and developing ecosystem 
  • R&D in the biomedical industry 
  • Advancements and transitions after the first job 

Group Discussion

  • Does work experience in academia, e.g., postdoc, help?
  • Networking and job search strategies
Yu-Kai Chao, PhD

Yu-Kai Chao, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, AstraZeneca, UK

Date: 2022/05/07

Time: 21:00 (CST), 15:00 (CET), 9:00 (EDT), 6:00 (PDT)


Making the transition to an R&D role 

  • Job hunting strategies in Germany and UK 
  • Shifting from QA/QC to R&D
  • Finding your own niche between different sectors

Group discussion

  • Big pharma behavior question interview practice
Sophie Chang, PhD

Sophie Chang, PhD

Principal Consultant-Regulatory Affairs, Integrity, Singapore

Date: 2022/05/21

Time: 21:00 (CST), 15:00 (CET), 9:00 (EDT), 6:00 (PDT)

Mapping out your career path from scratch

  • Biomed industrial landscape in APEC regions 
  • Self-positioning in the job hunt
  • How to stand out from other jobseekers

Group Discussion

  • How to steal the spotlight during the interview
Elise Huang, PhD

Elise Huang, PhD

Group Lead of Gene Therapy downstream process Development, UCB, Belgium

Date: 2022/06/04

Time: 21:00 (CST), 15:00 (CET), 9:00 (EDT), 6:00 (PDT)

Job hunting tips between the US and Europe

  • US vs. Germany vs. Belgium
  • What is pharmaceutical process development?
  • How to get into pharmaceutical PD?
  • What competencies are required in the global pharmaceutical industry? 


Group Discussion

  • How to prepare interview in general?  
  • Ask yourself and share about what you LIKE and WANT to do

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